The Experience

Adventure Story

Somehow we met. We locked eyes and instantly fell in love. Wether it was a referral from a friend, at a bridal show, on Google, Facebook, or Instagram; you decided we had to get to know each other. We met for coffee and you told us all about your vision for your dream wedding. We laughed, we told stories, and you fell even more in love with our work. We gave you a booking proposal and our contract, shook hands, and decided to keep in touch.
On the drive home, you talk about your vision and how we can fit into it. You run the numbers and decide what is important to you. Then you begin to think, how will to pop the question? You open your computer and begin to type “Will you be our photographer(s) and videographer(s)?” I open your email, smile and type “YES!” The contract is signed, retainer is sent and we are officially part of your wedding day!
After filling out some questionnaires and a couple emails back and forth, we settle on anengagement session location and time. You both come looking and feeling your best. Your hair and make up trial went well and you are ready to create some amazing photos (and video) with us! We spend one or two hours talking and laughing, creating beautiful images and memories for years to come.
Throughout the planning process, we will keep in contact creating a timeline that best suits your wedding day. Your friends who have been together for a while will see how amazing the process is and become engaged themselves. You’ll become our little bumblebee, floating around showing off those beautiful engagement photos and telling your partner about how many anniversary sessions you will be getting for free now.
Your wedding day is finally here!! Can you believe it? All those hours of planning and preparing having finally come to and end and you can finally become one. Your family and friends have gathered, everything has fallen into place. Your photographer(s) and videographer(s) arrive when your hair and make up is almost complete and we begin capturing all the little details and moments for you both to remember for years to come. We follow you throughout the day,following the timeline into the reception. After we capture all the key moments and get some great dancing photos, we say our good-byes and head home to begin editing through your story.
After the wedding and before our preview party, we will post some teaser photos, highlight reels and full blog posts to keep the momentum going from your wedding day! We know you will be dying to see them and we hope you enjoy and share the little teasers we post for you! Don’t forget to follow us on social media to be the first to know when some are posted.
About six to eight weeks after your wedding we meet again to relive your wedding day! We laugh and exchange stories, sifting through all of the best photos! We explain all of your printing and album options, give you the online gallery and you go home and daydream about how you are going to display these memories. In just one quick email, your prints and/or albums are ordered and you are on your way to making these stories last for generations to come.
With all the technology we have today, we hope that you take advantage of the print/album credit that comes with all of our Wedding Packages and have some of your favourite photos printed and displayed in your home. Not only is this a great way to relive one of the happiest days of your life, but they become an heirloom within your family. Technology is always changing and that USB will not last forever. We hope that you take the time to get something printed and share those memories for generations to come.
After the wedding has ended and you have hung your photos on your walls, we hope thatyou will think of us for any other life events that happen in your journey together. We love to stay connected with our clients and watch them grow. Maybe you’ll even take part in our Community Garden Project or we’ll see you at another wedding! Just don’t forget to keep in touch.
Ready to start your adventure?

Meet Love Sprouts

Love Sprouts started as a husband and wife team. Adam and Christian Sachs have been shooting together for over 10 years and have been full-time wedding photographers since 2012. They officially tied the knot in 2009 and have had five beautiful children together. Just like our name, Love Sprouts has expanded adding the talented Ralph Hienze of One Great Day INC and Jonnathan Brownlee of Sharper Image Pro to our team. All four members of our team are full-time photographers/videographers specializing in weddings. We love being there to capture every emotion on one of the happiest days of your life and helping you create heirlooms to tell your story for generations to come.

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Our Community Garden – Project

As parents ourselves, we know the importance of capturing our little ones as they grow. We also know how important their school is to helping them become our future leaders. This is why we have created our Community Garden Project. With each mini session that is purchased, 50% will be donated to the school of your choice. Thank you for helping us give back to our community!

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